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Hotelier, seaman, lifeguard, commercial diver, traveller, cave-dweller, entrepreneur, freelance writer, coach and now a ‘wobbling cyclist’!

I am married to a beautiful, very patient woman and I have two lovely adult children in Wales.

I got my first view of a our planet, very different world of today’s world, in the Johannesburg General hospital, South Africa, in October 1948.

Educated in South Africa – with a diploma in Hospitality Management. I spent thirty years in the hospitality industry, rising to Group Operations Management level.

In the late 1970′s, during a ten year stint in England, I obtained a qualification in creative writing.  I left South Africa on a one year’s special-rate ticket. Telling everybody not to worry, the time would fly past!

I have always had a sense of adventure coursing through my veins; and with a vibrant imagination I never get lonely.

On returning to South Africa in the early 2000′s, after losing our safari business in Tanzania with the 9/11, I began planning a 10 year solo-cycling circumnavigation to raise funds for Rotary International. But due to complications I was unable to start the ride. Since then I have dreamt of completing a major adventure of some sort.

In 2008, fed up with the back-stabbing and insincerity of working for a major company, I resigned and decided to do what I have always enjoyed most – creative writing.
Combining my writing with my people skills I began coaching creative writing.

In 2010 I offered to establish a writer’s club for the residents of Pevensey place, a residency for adults with Cerebral Palsy. See

I have been deeply touched by the residents of Pevensey. They have a willingness to always try. And an attitude towards life which I will admire for all my days on this earth.  My friends at Pevensey have shown me an approach to life which takes guts, a smile and the ability to say – ‘I can’.

During this ride I will be raising funds for the much needed Pevensey Frail Care Centre.

I hope all who read this may give willingly – and share the adventure with everybody.  Every kilometer I ride will be for those residents of Pevensey, saying – ‘I CAN’.

Remember to support me extends the amount of time I am able to ride, and thereby gain much needed funds for these wonderful people.


Wobbling Rob – ‘Share the Adventure’
A quick me:
Favourite colour – Blue.
Favourite saying – ‘You are as young as you feel’.
Favourite songs – What a wonderful world. & I want to break free.
Favourite author – Ernest Hemingway.
Favourite people – Those that care about our planet.
(Which makes me a conservationist)
Pet Hate – Greed

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