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I was born on April 22 1969, in the megalopolis of Benoni, which incidentally is also where I had my first Campari, for those of you that remember the advert!

I went to primary school at St. Dunstan’s in Benoni and completed matric at Benoni High School in 1986. After school I was not really sure what I wanted to study and applied for just about anything from engineering to medicine. Out of the blue I was accepted into the School of Optometry at Technikon Witwatersrand, and decided that was the way to go. Twenty Five years later I am still in Private Practice, and loving every minute of it. An added bonus was that I met my wife Rae’, also an Optometrist, while studying. I was a partner in a very big practice in Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, and Rae’ was a lecturer in the School of Optometry.

In December 2005 our daughter Kayla was born, and we thought our lives were complete. However, in a strange twist of fate, an opportunity to purchase practices in Nelspruit and White River came across my desk. What initially seemed a totally absurd idea became reality within 3 months, and we have now settled in the Lowveld. No more traffic and a really relaxed lifestyle!!!!!

My dad was a Round Tabler for many years, and from a very early age all I remember were the endless community projects they were involved in, but even more I remember the fellowship and camaraderie amongst the tablers. As a result of this becoming a Rotarian was a natural progression for me. I have been a very active Rotarian in this neck of the woods, but with two practices that are getting busier and busier, and an ever increasing need to spend quality time with my family, I began losing balance in my life. The only way for me to remain a devoted father and husband, a Rotarian and an Optometrist was to join the E-Club, and I look forward to contributing as much as I can.

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