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I was born in Johannesburg and moved to Rustenburg with my parents during primary school.

I then attended school at Grenswag High School in Rustenburg after which I trained to be a pre-school educator.

I am known as Elsa, mother of 2 of my own children, 2 step children and 2 adopted children.

I have been living in Rustenburg for the past 38 years.

At the age of 21, I started my own granite factory, Tombstone Wholesalers, and this year I celebrate 24 years in business.

My husband, Michael, works for General Electric in Witbank.   

I have loved my time being a member of the Rotary Club of Rustenburg.

I will always be involved in doing something for my community.

For the past three years I have run a ‘Mrs Rustenburg Pageant’ and we focus on upliftment in the communities that have minimal income. We are a group of married ladies that get involved in many projects in the community.

Together with my business partner, Gaylen, we formed a foundation ‘Mrs Rustenburg Foundation’. We use funds from the foundation to pay for the education of needy High School children.

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