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Rotary E-Club of South Africa One

Our Rotary E-Club of South Africa One is a member of Rotary International. We are a virtual Rotary club and are primarily operational in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, where various communities have huge needs following major flooding problems and civil unrest. There is widespread hunger and homelessness within these communities.
Below are some of the PROJECTS that the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One is currently supporting:

Food (Porridge project)
Health (End Polio Now)
TRF (The Rotary Foundation)
SUBZ (Safe Reusable Sanitary items for School Girls)
Education (Afriweave project)
Agriculture/water (Market gardens project)
Community General

NOTE: Rotary Membership Subscriptions are also accepted here.

In the box “Leave an appreciation message” please advise which Project(s) you wish to support. If you do not mind which project your donation is allocated towards, type in “No preference”.

Thank you.

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