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I was raised in east Africa but like a lot of other expat kids, was sent away to boarding school in the old country. At the time it was also a foreign country to me since I did not know it nor its quaint customs. I spent 10 years there at school, university and then my first couple of jobs. My escape was to join the Foreign

Service and foreign it was too, first to Nigeria then later to the then Zaire, now DRC.

After leaving the Service I went to Durban and worked there until 2015 when I secured a job covering the entire planet apart from the Americas and Antipodes for a Canadian company. I am now based in the UK for half the year but escape to Greece when I can. It was one of my Service postings and got me ‘hooked’. I also joined the eClub and was surprised recently to be told I was one of the longest serving members!

I enjoy very much the fellowship offered by the eClub and, by extension, terrestrial clubs which I visit when I can. These have included the UK, Rwanda, Greece and Mozambique and, I hope, many more. It is always a wonder to me that an organisation as diverse in its membership as is Rotary is always so welcoming to me and it’s a tribute to the common values we hold.

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