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I find it a bit hard to write about myself without knowing how long I should write or how the others have written about themselves but I will give it a try.

I asked for an example of how long I should write since I knew I will probably end writing too long texts otherwise, but I was told there are no rules or examples to be given so here is the result.

I grew up in a small coastal village called Haverdal in the country of Sweden.

In the nearby city Halmstad I studied woodwork, hand tools and machines and drawing techniques as well as my first tertiary education “Media communication” at the school “Sture”.

After this I moved to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. There I started my company while continuing to study Organization and leadership, Law, Business law, Practical Marketing, Business economics and Small enterprises among other subjects at Frans Schartau.

Later I also came to study web design at MKFC in Stockholm and arranged an internship on the web department of Times Warner owned Transworld Media in California, USA.

I could spend a lot of time describing my past life and career but as I am a person who embrace constant change, at least when I feel the changes are improvements,

I think I would rather focus on who I am now and what my future goals are.  

Wherever I go I always see potential for improvement of people’s situation or improvement of public spaces or private businesses. When this happens I often have a hard time stopping myself from starting projects as I have a big passion for improving things through developing more functional or creative ways to do them.

I try to remind myself that there is not time to get involved everywhere but that it is wisest to put my time into projects and people that either has the highest potential to keep expanding and improving themselves and their surroundings after I am “done with my input” and/or I should get involved with the things that are most in line with my other passions and my values and visions for my own life, since that will make me most likely to keep working on the project passionately and succeed.

This way of reasoning has grown on me over the years and has changed my goals and has played big part in me leaving a successful business (I was initiating, designing, and constructing a park for the capital council) and leaving a normal city life in Sweden behind and selling my home in Sweden’s capital.

Instead I am now in the process of creating a more minimalistic and happy life in nature (currently in Kruger National Park and with the goal of living in a private reserve connected to Kruger). I feel a strong connection with animals and nature and when I meet and interact with wild animals it makes me feel very much alive and it brings out a positive feeling in me that I believe is part of our natural heritage.

Project wise I have started to develop some ideas that I strongly feel have the most potential to make the biggest positive change in the world for the highest amount of people with the least amount of money. I am convinced that these projects could bring as much or more positive change than many other highly financed help projects and state health programs using only a fraction of their budget.

My goal is to work with and develop these ideas further with teams of other positive and passionate people who also see the potential in these projects. Some of the ideas are in part described on which is a site that I made to communicate these ideas.

Most of the concepts have been further developed since the website was last updated. I have given these projects more than a year of very high priority in my life during tough times of moving to a new continent and I have, to be perfectly honest, reached and maybe even passed the amount of time, energy and money that I have available to help others right now and therefore I am in the process of trying to recharge my batteries so to speak.

I need to build up new energy to help others and to do that I must first take care of the quite complicated bureaucracy around starting a life in a nature reserve in a foreign country, I must secure my right to stay, to keep my car in the country (or provide an alternative vehicle), to rebuild my own physique a bit and to secure a long term stable income from my Swedish company even when I am far from Sweden.

I must also in the middle of this rebuild my enthusiasm for help work. This has somewhat taken a toll from one and a half year of almost constant stress of not having a long term visa or residency, partly due to my lack of interest in dealing with matters of bureaucracy that I do not find particularly fair.

To round this up with some more positive subject like one of my other main interests I can mention my love of creating unusual and useful things that make people smile, think or have fun in general.

For example I built a granite LOVE text sculpture that also can be used for skateboarding in the park in Stockholm. I also made a truck with a skateboard ramp on the back, always ready to be used, even when driving. This car I shipped to Africa when I left Sweden and as I write this the steering wheel of the truck serves as my “laptop holder”.

The car makes many people smile on a daily basis and people stops to ask questions about it wherever I drive.

Both the car and love sculpture has spontaneously been photographed and posted on many people’s social network profiles confirming that they entertain and inspire people, I believe, which is also what lots of people tell me.

The car has also brought innumerable laughs and smiles when people of all ages have been invited up to try the ramp, from police officers and customs staff to street children and township children.  

The day that I have part of a private nature reserve at my disposal I have many ideas in store that will bring smiles, laughs and inspiration to people from there as well, both as first hand experiences and as photos and videos and often combined with society improvement work. I can’t wait.

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