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I am not sure how much of me would be of interest to the members.

As from 1969 I was a High School teacher.

As from 1978 I joined the Civil Service under KwaZulu Government Service and was Superintendent/Principal of a Reform School.

As from 1984 I joined a KwaZulu Government sponsored Project – Emandleni-Matleng  Youth  Skills Training Centre as Manager/Director.

At the end of the year 2004 I retired.

Hardly had I retired than I was involved in Parish work. I have served in almost all the groupings and   Committees including being Manager of

Administration of the Cathedral and furthermore being an   Executive Member of the Parish Pastoral Council.

After serving in the Council for several terms, I decided to make myself unavailable for the next election to the Council.

Last year I decided to join and be part of a small but very active group that is involved in assisting the needy to get the required assistance. The group does not have any financial muscle but has persons who know how to get assistance for the needy. It keeps me busy.

As for Rotary, I am a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Melmoth-Ulundi and I am still a member of this same Club.

As I am now a retired Rotarian I think I could gain more by belonging to the E-Club.

I married Clementine in 1969

God Bless,

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